Monthly Archives: March 2016


Afraid of High ISO Values?

Well, you shouldn’t be. While it is true that full frame sensors are better at high ISO imaging, you can get decent images with cropped sensors if you can get some control over your noise […]

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Shooting through Glass?

How many times have you seen a bird or something interesting outside and taken a picture through the glass and felt underwhelmed afterward? Or tried to get great shots of those fish or reptiles behind […]

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Trip Report: The Eagles of Conowingo Dam

If you are looking for a great trip where you can see plenty of eagles, and not just from below, then consider a day at Conowingo Dam. It spans the Susquehanna River in Maryland, just […]

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Where’s the Subject?

When I’m composing an image, unless it’s an abstract design or just a texture, I think about what the subject is. You don’t always have to have one but I’ve always tried to convey at […]

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