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Anatomy of a Promotional Shot

When doing work for a client, it is important to understand what the images may be used for in the end. Although you are being hired to take a quality image, it is often for […]

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What’s the Best Tripod?

I often get asked, or read in forums, about what the best tripod is. Like many things in life, what’s best for one person is not necessarily best for another. Only you can define “best”. […]

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Should I be Shooting in Manual?

This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I’m constantly seeing novice and even beginner photographers struggling with shooting in manual mode because someone told them they should. That’s akin to having a tool box […]

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The Best Camera…

You’ll never hear me falling for one of those Canon versus Nikon debates. I started off with Minolta in the film days and then made my way to Nikon professional gear for many years. It […]

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Silent Sentinel

While driving back and forth from the restoration shop, where my old muscle car was being reassembled, I kept seeing an old, abandoned house sitting in the middle of a field, where new houses were […]

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Print Your Images!

I get to enjoy my photography four different ways. The first is when I frame up each scene. This is when I’m creating the image. This is when the magic happens…or doesn’t. And, especially with […]

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Creative Cropping

Most people probably don’t consider cropping for other than “zooming in” on their subject or adjusting the composition a little. That’s what I used to do. But I have learned to use cropping in creative […]

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Image Sharpness – Part I

All photographers want their images to be as sharp as possible. There are several factors that can contribute to unsharp images. Blur from subject movement, blur from camera movement, lack of contrast, inadequate depth of […]

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Image Sharpness – Part II

In Part I we covered blur induced by the subject as well as by the camera system. Now we’ll talk about other contributors to image sharpness. Poor contrast can be the result of severe convection […]

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Image Sharpness – Part III

Image Sharpness – by Glenn Woodell Part III We covered getting the image into the camera so now we’ll talk a little about what you do once you’ve acquired it. Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) is a […]

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