Shooting through Glass?

How many times have you seen a bird or something interesting outside and taken a picture through the glass and felt underwhelmed afterward? Or tried to get great shots of those fish or reptiles behind […]

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Trip Report: The Eagles of Conowingo Dam

If you are looking for a great trip where you can see plenty of eagles, and not just from below, then consider a day at Conowingo Dam. It spans the Susquehanna River in Maryland, just […]

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Where’s the Subject?

When I’m composing an image, unless it’s an abstract design or just a texture, I think about what the subject is. You don’t always have to have one but I’ve always tried to convey at […]

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Is Big Glass Really that much Better?

So I’ve been lugging around a heavy 300mm f2.8 lens with me in addition to my 500mm f4 that I can’t seem to leave in the car. And sometimes I’ll toss in a wide angle […]

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A Warm Winter’s Day

Have you ever ventured out on an unusually warm day, during an otherwise chilly winter, only to find that your long-lens images are not so sharp? It’s probably not you but what you’re looking through. […]

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The Calm Before the Storm

This image tells a little bit of a story. I shot it about 20 minutes before the start of DEJA’s tribute to Pink Floyd’s, The Wall, at the Virginia Beach Museum of Contemporary Art. It […]

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Backlit Scenes

I just added a page on shooting backlit scenes and how to deal with them. Check it out here. Interested in getting better pictures? Consider one of my private or semi-private clinics.

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After using Facebook for several years as my primary means for sharing my work with the rest of the world, I decided to make a more permanent statement, or at least one that doesn’t roll […]

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