Listed below are the resources I use on a regular basis. I hope you find them as useful as I have.

B&H Photo has become my first choice in Internet purchases for new gear. I used to alternate between them and Adorama but the slowness of Adorama’s website has just turned me off for now. I typically only use these two for new gear because the prices are right, they are fast, they have great return policies, and they don’t hide extras like factory warranties. I’ve heard horror stories with many of the other dealers out there.

Adorama, like B&H, offers the best prices and reliability.

Ken Rockwell offers very detailed and helpful reviews on his site. I use it extensively. You can help him out by clicking on the links in his article when you make your purchase. You usually get free items like bags and monopods by going through him. Just be warned that he sometimes has strong opinions about how you should use your gear. Otherwise it’s a great resource that I highly recommend.

DPReview is another great resource to use when shopping for gear. I especially love the side-by-side feature comparisons and the amazingly in-depth performance studies given in great detail.

I look to eBay for used gear purchases. Why buy used? Well, when you have the choice between an $11,000 new lens and a $5,000 used one that looks new, eBay is a good place to check out. Just beware of scams and always, always, always use Paypal.

Roberts Camera is one of the good shops I have found that lists great used gear on eBay often.

If you are bewildered with the many autofocus options on Canon’s new 7D MkII, don’t feel alone. Check out the article by Steven Blanden or another one by Nasim Mansurov. For birds-in-flight shooting, check out this article by Tim Boyer.

The following are some fun pages of some of my friends:

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